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I thought I would make a whole page for helping to raise money for charity, in this case for Brain Tumour Research. Please take a few minutes and read a little further :)

No one ever thinks that something so tragic could ever possibly affect you so closely, especially trying to imagine one of your parents with cancer. In October 2011 my Dad was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma brain tumour, which is the ‘most common and most aggressive malignant primary brain tumour in humans’. Everything all happened so quickly from there on in; he has been in and out of hospital for removals, debulkings, infections, wounds, radiotherapy, chemotherapy/ chemo wafers, seizures and even skull removal. All of which was unbelievably painful to see happen to him.
Cancer is a horrible, vile disease which takes over peoples life's. Unfortunately in my Dad’s case the tumour will never go but can be treated and operated on further. 
This is why I feel it is so important to support charities like this, shockingly only 1% of all cancer funding goes to Brain Tumour Research!

This year I am doing the Race for Life again and will be donating all of the money to this charity. I managed to raise just over £400 last year which I donated to Cancer Research, I would love to match that this year and send it to Brain Tumour Research. It would be amazing! 

If you feel like you would want to support me running and donate to this charity then please help and sponsor me. Literally any small donation helps! I cannot stress how important this cause is, many people live with brain tumours and they are a heartbreaking for the person and their families.
Anyway, have a little read of My Story and pictures on JustGiving:

Or you can text to donate either £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 with no extra cost, here is the picture explaining what to do:

Also have a look on Brain Tumour Research’s website, it is amazing and has just about everything on! 

After this year’s Race for Life is over I plan to carry on and keep raising money for Brain Tumour Research. It has become a cause close to my family’s heart now and wish to carry on the support. 
I know I am only one small person trying to raise some money but if many people think like this, pennies will turn into pounds and hopefully one day will make a good enough difference :)     

 Thanks for reading and sponsoring!:)  

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