Friday, 12 April 2013

Blank Page Syndrome..

Is it just me that hates that first page in any sketchbook?!
The first page that everyone will see as soon as they open it! 
Has to be perfect- I know, so silly!haa
I made some magnetic boards and wrapped some gorgeous floral fabric around as I loved pinning inspiration up at uni so I can do just that in my own little room now :)

Em xx

Cultured Collections Project..

Soooo here is my first proper post! :)
I am currently working on a Collections project, my theme and inspiration for this project is based around cultural, patterned architecture. I just love the different intricate patterns old buildings hold :) I shall be creating four different collections that could sit within the home; Kitchen, Living Space, Bathroom & Bedroom. Each collection will have a theme and a range of products in mind to be designed for but patterns will be drawn primarily from the architecture, changing and suiting each themes best!
I will upload work as I go along :)   

These are my moodboards for each room in the collection;
  • Folky Hues- Bedroom.
  • Hint of Paisley- Living Space.
  • Garden Fresh- Kitchen.
  • Washed Motif- Bathroom.
Em xx
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