Friday, 12 April 2013

Cultured Collections Project..

Soooo here is my first proper post! :)
I am currently working on a Collections project, my theme and inspiration for this project is based around cultural, patterned architecture. I just love the different intricate patterns old buildings hold :) I shall be creating four different collections that could sit within the home; Kitchen, Living Space, Bathroom & Bedroom. Each collection will have a theme and a range of products in mind to be designed for but patterns will be drawn primarily from the architecture, changing and suiting each themes best!
I will upload work as I go along :)   

These are my moodboards for each room in the collection;
  • Folky Hues- Bedroom.
  • Hint of Paisley- Living Space.
  • Garden Fresh- Kitchen.
  • Washed Motif- Bathroom.
Em xx

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